How Do I Protect Myself When I Go Back to My “Normal,” or at Least My Work?

Published | By Avrelle Harrington

As different places around the world begin to open “gradually” after a long-standing stay at home orders, the question of how and when will I return to work is coming up for many people. We will likely see partial capacity reopenings of offices, stores, and restaurants soon with employees getting rehired back to their former positions pre-pandemic. 

While this outcome is great for “reopening the economy,” it brings forth the need for protection and safety strategies for people returning to all different types of workplaces. 

The WHO  has described a few of the best ways to take precautions for yourself and others as we all reenter public spaces. Check out the list of protection practices below curated for your convenience. 

  1. Prepare your living space for future teleworking 

  2. Store extra medical masks and tissues in your desk/work area at work 

  3. Regularly wash your hands (for at least 20 seconds!) 

  4. Keep hand sanitizer on your desk/work area for easy access and as a visual reminder

  5. Wipe down your desk/work area with disinfectant when you arrive at work and again when you are leaving 

  6. Try your best to avoid touching your face (especially mouth, eyes, and nose) while in an open workplace 

Following these 6 steps as you return to your job will help lessen your likelihood of exposing yourself to COVID-19 and other diseases that migrate through workplaces. It is always important to stay healthy and precautious at work, but now more than ever is the time to take it seriously. 

At Immutouch, we pride ourselves on our foundational mission, which is to help prevent the spread of disease around the world. We understand how overwhelmed and isolated people feel right now, which is why we created Immutouch. Immutouch is a smartband that vibrates every time you touch your face, keeping you safe today and building clean habits for tomorrow.  

We know the last thing on the majority of people’s minds is regulating every little movement or gesture that ends in touching their faces. According to a study from Am J Infect Control, on average, we touch our face 23 times an hour

. This shows that it’s difficult to control our habitual face touching, which is now posing more danger to our health given the circumstances. 

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